With projects, experienced people, and technology, RPEC has unmatched reach and expertise. RPEC performs construction and project management on major construction projects. RPEC has specialised in construction and Project Management of Industrial Projects, PEB (Pre Engineered Building) Design and Execution etc. RPEC has all services under one roof.

Our experienced staff has diverse technical and management skills RPEC is a consulting firm offering Project management Consultancy, Planning, designing Services and Trunkey projects to clients. We specialise in providing PEB design and execution supervision for large scale projects. Project management consultancy services which include supervision of work in accordance with technical specifications, preparation of running account bills, final bills, Interaction with the clients and contractors etc.

Project Management services includes, Assistance in formulation of specifications and guide-lines, Proof Checking and Approval of Contractor, Design submissions, Procurement Assistance, Supervision and monitoring of construction, Supply & Installation, Safety Health and Environment monitoring and Control, Quality Assurance and Control, Assistance for Testing and commissioning.

We Provide Trunkey solutions for Projects. Trunkey projects includes planning, designing, structural designing, project management and construction (execution) etc. except government liasioning work.

We provide services for Industrial Fabrication and erection work for Industrial Sheds, Platforms for different type of Machineries, Pipe racks, Supporting structures for pipe lines and cable trays, EOT cranes girders etc.

All types of civil construction work from excavation to finishing with external development for any Industrial buildings, Residential complex, bungalows, commercial complex, Infrastructural and Pharmaceuticals.